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The 2-Minute Makeover

Long Day? Quick tips for an emergency makeover to help look and feel better.

Dear SISTERS, I would love to be the kind of wife that welcomes her husband at the door each evening smiling, relaxed and impossibly glamorous! However, between the housework, my own projects and the kids, he’s lucky if I’ve brushed my hair that day! How can I make him sigh with pleasure when he comes home, remembering the beautiful woman he married, while taking care of everything else?



Well, sister, know that you are not alone. Most of us find it hard to juggle our many responsibilities and still come out looking good, especially at the end of the day. Whether you are a busy executive or stay at home mum, there are always times when the stresses of looking after a house and family can severely compromise your look. Not to worry! With a little forward planning and a few indispensable weapons in your artillery, you will always be able to salvage your style and be the coolness of your hubbie’s eyes!



Hit the ground running
Get dressed, do your hair and make-up in the morning. This advice is aimed at women who work at home for whom the temptation to spend the day in fluffy pyjamas or a prayer garment or abayah can sometimes prove irresistible. Getting dressed in the morning means that you are already fairly decent by the time your husband gets home. At that stage, all you will need to do is refresh your look in one or more of the following ways:


Reapply your eye liner, touch up your lipstick or lip gloss and spritz on a little of your favourite perfume.


Brush or comb your hair if it is short or you want to wear it out; if you wear a bun or ponytail, shake it out before putting it back up
again; for relaxed styles, spray lightly with moisturiser or light hair oil to add shine.


Change your top if it is soiled or smells of cooking.
Exchange your socks and bedroom slippers for mules, flat sandals or ballet shoes.


Add some simple accessories – earrings, necklace, scarf, bracelets – to give your outfit some ‘pop’.


Chew some sugar free gum to sweeten your breath and awaken your senses.



Emergency makeover
If you haven’t managed to change out of your faded tracksuit bottoms by the time you get the ‘I’m on my way’ text or when the doorbell rings, there is still hope.


Have a simple yet stylish garment hanging by the door is case you need an emergency change. This could be a kaftan or a long cardigan, a tunic top or gorgeous pashmina. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is easy to slip on and simple to style, an item that will transform whatever you have on.


Create a beauty station near your front door. Hang a mirror up, preferably near a shelf where you can keep some kohl or eyeliner, lip gloss, a hair brush and a little perfume. That way, you will only need minutes to refresh your hair and make-up when the doorbell rings.



By following these simple steps, you should be well on your way to welcoming your husband with simple style and a stunning smile – bismillah!




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