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The Beauty Rules: Keep Those Eyes Bright

Professional make-up artist, Kanika Aggarwal, tells you how to never go out with tired-looking eyes again.

One thing that a woman who works a 9 to 5 job has in common with a woman who studies at university and a full-time wife and mom is a busy life that brings about tired-looking eyes. Other factors such as lack of sleep, stress and a poor diet can make this condition worse and give your eyes a tired, droopy look. Natural factors such as seasonal allergies and sickness can also result in this condition. It is crucial to address this issue because tired eyes can bring down your entire appearance. Before you panic, let me assure you that brightening eyes up doesn’t take a lot of work! So read on and use these tricks to brighten up your eyes and give yourself a well-rested look.



The best precaution you can take is via natural means. This includes drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet. If you are healthy on the inside, it will reveal itself on the outside by brightening your overall appearance. And remember, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of tired looking eyes is by getting a good amount of sleep.



Try to establish a habit of splashing cold water on your eyes throughout the day to wake up your eyes and your overall appearance.


You can also use home remedies to reduce puffiness and darkness around your eyes. Apply cold green tea bags, black tea bags, cucumber slices or cotton balls soaked in cold milk over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes to decrease any under eye puffiness.



There are also cosmetic tips and tricks to combat this condition. One of the easiest ways to hide tired-looking eyes is to use a yellow toned, creamy concealer to cover any dark circles under your eyes. You can also brush on a brightener that usually comes in the form of a liquid or a felt-tip pen and blends well on the delicate under eye area. One of the best ways to mask tired looking eyes is to apply a light colored eye shadow to your lids. This will make the eyes seem wider and illuminate them by taking the focus away from dark under eye area. Be sure to stay away from anything dark because it will only make your eyes appear smaller.



Alternatively, grab white or peach eyeliner and line the bottom rim of your eyes (called the waterline), right above your lower lashes. This will make you appear more awake. As a professional makeup artist, I vouch for this trick.




Last but not least, apply a coat of black mascara after curling your lashes to further brighten up your eyes by giving your lashes color and volume. However, remember not to use black mascara or eyeliner on tired eyes because this will emphasize dark circles.




There is no need to stress out about tired-looking eyes. This condition becomes more common as we live our hectic  lives and as we age. Establish a routine of implementing the natural eye-care remedies outlined above and take advantage of cosmetic fixes available to you to brighten up your eyes and perk up your overall appearance.




Stay beautiful!
Kanika is a professional makeup and henna artist, offering LIVE makeup classes and services in Chicagoland and Greater Toronto Area. She also does one-on-one skin consultations. Her services include makeup parties, photo-shoots, bridal makeup, special occasion makeup, makeovers, shopping consultations, henna application and more! Visit her website at www.beautyglamsham.com