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The 100% Halal Kitchen Beautician – Herbed Steam Facial

Yvonne Maffei shares her favourite and simplest pampering treatment for the face

I’ve been doing this facial treatment since I was a teen. It effectively opens and cleans the pores but also relaxes you at the same time. The fragrance of dried herbs is wonderful. I have yet to discover a more soothing, inexpensive and healthy way to achieve such positive results.




Items Required:

• Large, deep bowl

• 1 gm dried lavender

• 1 gm dried/fresh orange peel

• 1 gm dried/fresh lemon peel

• 7 gm dried eucalyptus leaves (optional)

• 3 gm dried rosemary

• 1 large towel

• Medium-size spoon

• Timer

• 1 litre water

• Cotton balls or pads

• Orange/rose water (found in most ethnic or Mediterranean markets)




1. Arrange the bowl on a table where you can sit on a chair and lean over the bowl comfortably. Add all of the dried herbs to the empty bowl.



2. Set aside the large towel ready for use. Place the spoon nearby, as well as the timer.



3. In the pan or teakettle, bring water to a boil. Immediately pour the boiling water into the bowl. Stir the herbs around in the water. Set the timer for twenty minutes.



4. While the water is still hot and steaming, open up the towel completely and place it behind your head. Lean over the bowl, but keep a safe enough distance so that the steam doesn’t hurt your face. You should be able to breathe comfortably and feel enough heat for your face to sweat.



5. Try to stay in this position for a maximum of twenty minutes or as long as you feel comfortable. Remove yourself from the bowl and rinse your face with fresh cool water. Using a cotton ball or pad, pat your entire face and neck with rose water or orange blossom water to tone, freshen and tighten the skin’s pores.




Yvonne Maffei is a food writer, recipe developer and culinary consultant at MyHalalKitchen.com



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