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The Ocean of Hopes and Dreams

Poem excerpted from ‘Death of a Beautiful Dream’ by Saira Anwar

I walk alone and find myself walking through the ocean waves,
where no one has ever been before.
Together the ocean waves whirl, and
smack over the golden sand.
The ocean of dreams, the ocean of hopes,
that’s further placed upon thy heart.





Within the deepness of the ocean lies a silent breeze,
of hopes and dreams; where you can find
faith and peace, even when you do not dream.
As the existence of hopes and dreams lie within,
you take a leap and immerse yourself in its deepness.





The ocean of hopes and dreams begins to sink in.
Upon this vast ocean; me a lonely soul.
Over the ocean waves and across the beach sand,
I found myself where no one had ever been before.
The ocean of hopes and dreams,
where my untold journey began.




Saira Anwar is a poet and nursery nurse based in Manchester, UK. Her first book of poems ‘Death of a Beautiful Dream’, about a women’s journey after divorce, was released earlier this year and can be found on Amazon. More of Saira’s poems and inspiring words are available on www.sairaanwar.co.uk/ and www.facebook.com/inspiredpoetry.