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The Revival of Hoping for Love

By Haleemah Kasim

I became a locksmith

The day I installed

A padlock upon my heart

I became an undertaker

The day I buried the key

And went off the marriage mart

I became a doctor

The day I healed my every scar,

Only with the help of Allah.

Thus, I was able to convince fantasies to depart

I became my trial

The day I decided to put a stop to loving

I’ve gone through a lot

Pessimism and self-degrading I often fought

I wish I had said no to love right from the start.

But I became a staunch optimist

When you showed me love was meant to be sweet

When you showered me with care from my head to my feet

When I accidentally fell for your charms

When you invited me to your arms

And whispered “you are my samawat.”
Haleemah Kasim is from Lagos, Nigeria. She’s had sixteen years in this tough world, but wishes for more to come. She is an aspiring social worker, writer and ‘Aalima





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