Sorry for keeping you waiting

The True God

By Stephenie Bushra Khan


The eternal Sunlight radiates

Through the golden green-leafed forest

Beneath deep shadows

Myriads of rays…prisms

As abundant as life existed

Merged into one white energy

Each unique…separate identities

Threaded together

Into the Brilliant light of the Creator

Gilded sunlight

One ray that shines

Through out the multi-universes

One personality

One consciousness


The Creator……


Beyond all names

The Merciful…The Kind

Beyond all faiths….all worlds

The spark of His consciousness

Exists in us all


Continuously creating

Out of Nothingness

Life…once nonexistent

Suddenly exists

Be…He says

And it is


God…How I truly wish

To know the Real of you

A bright eternal light

Shining beyond earth time

Clouded over by my limited ego

Thoughts and illusions



Within the New England woods of my childhood

I knew the Oneness of you in every single leaf

The order…within the changes of seasons and light

That will exist long after

My departure from this earth


I want to savor and taste your sweetness

You are home to me

The earth beneath me

The sky above me


Beyond all religions and cultures

The eternal inside and outside us

One great Soul uniting us all


Stephenie Bushra Khan, originally from Winchendon, Massachusetts, resides in Temecula California, She is an artist, poet, teacher, and a member of interfaith programs. More of Stephenie Bushra Khan’s writing and her art can be found on Sbushrakhan.wordpress.com.