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Things We Love: Stori Dori

LaYinka Sanni discovers a whole new way to journal!

I’ve always been a bit of a journal junkie; always had an excuse to buy yet another gorgeous journal because I’ll probably need to write in it one day. Some day. And so it was that I ended up with a collection of beautiful journals, most only half written in and collecting dust. My stockpile grew to ridiculous heights, and my bookshelves were running out of space. It had to stop. And it did, until I discovered Stori Dori.




Stori Dori, a type of traveller’s notebook, made me realise it’s possible to have notebooks or journals and not be wasteful. Its premise is simple: a smooth and durable leather cover houses your notebooks, and can hold a single notebook at a time, or have 3-­4 notebooks at a go. The flexibility means you have a single journal cover to carry your ideas, notes, sketches, or whatever you like to write or draw, and you don’t need to worry about hauling around several separate notebooks at a time. The leather cover of the Stori Dori has an elastic enclosure to keep your Dori snug when closed, and also has elastics on the inside to hold your notebook inserts. You can swap and change the notebooks in your Dori to suit your needs on any given day, and I feel the true beauty of the Stori Dori is this: when you’ve filled a notebook, simply shelf it and start using another without having to buy a whole new journal. No more journal guilt! Amazing, right?




When I came across the concept of faux doris, I was floored. Where have they been all my life? The ability to have a gorgeous leather journal that never gets boring or goes out of style and is adjustable to my needs was akin to a revelation. The first thing you’ll notice about the Stori Dori when you pick one up is the texture of the leather cover. It’s slick and smooth, and you have to tell yourself to stop stroking it and have a look inside. I asked Fatma Nilufer, the brainchild behind Stori Dori, to stamp my Short Dori with my name to truly make it mine, and I’ve come to learn this is a service she offers customers who want an extra special touch.




My Short Dori is just slightly bigger than A6 in length and width as the inserts are A6. I’m able to have three notebooks in at a time without it becoming heavy or bulky, which is great as I like to assign each notebook to a different project or purpose. The Dori fits in my bag, doesn’t weigh it down, and I can also clip a pen to the elastic enclosure.




Every single Stori Dori is handmade, from the colour of the leather cover, to the notebook inserts that come with them. And with a selection of sizes cleverly named – Epic, Big, Tall, Short, and Tiny -­­ and fun colours to choose from, actually settling on a size and colour isn’t an easy decision to make. And to give you just a little more to deliberate over, you can opt to have your notebook inserts with lined, blank, or grid dotted pages.




Although the Stori Dori has helped curbed my journal junkie tendency, I now have the task of fighting the urge to buy several Doris, and convincing myself that having two is enough. If you’d like to get your hand on one (or three!) Stori Doris, check out: www.StoriDori.com or follow Fatma:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StoriDori

Instagram: www.instagram.com/storidori

Twitter: www.twitter.com/storidori





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