Sorry for keeping you waiting


By Rahma K

How tranquil are the days,

When my heart connects to Your Words

In the cool breeze of Your remembrance

The ship of my soul is at sail

No fear of grief or loss

Can make it go under,

No words of hate or malice

From this world can plunder,

But then I drift away

And let the world enter,

It shreds the peace asunder

I go deaf in the thunder

My sail to this world I surrender….



But then Your Words beckon again,

As if sensing my pain,

Negligence, transgressions pardoned

Washed away with Your merciful rain

My soul starts sailing once more,

On pleasing You my vision trained

So much lost in the coup of this world,

Yet so much more to gain

If I did not have You my Lord

How would I even stay sane?

Surely I would break under the strain

This life would be in vain

But Alhamdulillah Your mercy reigns…