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Vibrant, Spectacular, Green Muslims

Thanks to Klaudia Khan and Nadia Tariq for compiling the works of these great individuals and organisations.

• Dr Husna Ahmad OBE – An all-round humanitarian, scholar and public speaker, Dr Ahmad also acts as Managing Director of Green Pearl Consulting, a UK-based environmental consultancy. Among her many Islamic contributions, she is the author of “Islam and Water” and co-author of “The Green Guide for Hajj”. On Twitter @DrHusnaAhmad.



• Arwa Aburawa – Long time eco-based journalist and editor, including for SISTERS magazine and The Green Prophet, Arwa is a researcher for Al Jazeera Media Network. On Twitter @arwa_journalist.



• Beyond Halal – A refreshing, US-based organisation dedicated to the understanding and promotion of ethical and ecological food practices which go, literally, beyond halal. The website features inspiring interviews, articles and occasional highlights of events. You can contact the team via their website beyondhalal.com, Facebook or on Twitter @BeyondHalal.



• The Eco Muslim – A wonderfully engaging environmental blog, offering a regular dose of eco-lifestyle, tips, news and gardening that every Muslim can benefit from. The brainchild of SISTERS contributor and environmental activist Zaufishan Iqbal, features include an eco-diary, videos and tutorials in a fun, friendly format. Can be found at theecomuslim.com on Facebook or Twitter @TheEcoMuslim.



• The Green Bush – A Muslim(ah) view on climate change and the environment brought to us by Singapore-based environmentalist, researcher and writer Sofiah Jamil. Refreshingly, there is the capacity for dialogue via the offshoot Facebook community initiative ProjectME where readers are invited to share their environmental experiences. thegreenbush.wordpress.com/@TheGreenBush



• Green Muslims – An active organisation providing hands-on environmental education and empowerment tools to the eco-aware Muslim community in Washington DC. The focus is on community action, but the result is also a fantastic online resource, which we can all benefit from. There’s even a Green Scripture Project, curating ‘green’ Islamic readings. greenmuslims.org, on Twitter @GreenMuslims and Facebook



• Green Prophet – A prominent online news resource with a focus on sustainability in the Middle East. Founded by environmental blogger Karin Kloosterman in 2007, the project has grown to accommodate around 50 global contributors covering areas including technology, business and design. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter, catch up on Facebook or explore the website to stay up-to-date: greenprophet.com and on Twitter @greenprophet



• IFEES – The renowned Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences is a UK-based charity and one of our finest and best established environmental resources. IFEES carries out three main objectives, on an international, collaborative scale: increasing awareness, changing attitudes and behaviour and alleviating poverty through sustainability-based projects. ifees.org.uk and on Twitter @IFEES_IslamEnv



• Khaleafa.com – A website whose aim is “to reignite the discourse surrounding the Islamic approach to environmentalism and to draw upon the essence of these teachings, emphasizing the movement from a Canadian perspective”. Editor Muaz Nasir holds multiple degrees in environmental studies and is also one of the founders of the annual Green Khutbah Campaign. khaleafa.com and on Twitter @khaleafadotcom



• Fazlun Khalid – The senior figure of contemporary Islamic environmentalism, Mr Khalid is the Founder-Director of IFEES (above), has acted as a consultant to the World Wildlife Fund and been included in a list of the top 100 UK environmentalists. Khalid regularly authors articles and gives presentations, many of which can be found online. He also co-edited the book “Islam and Ecology”.



• MADE in Europe – A Muslim-led movement with a mission “to mobilise European Muslim youth to lead the fight against global poverty and injustice.” MADE organises numerous campaigns and volunteer and education programmes. www.madeineurope.org.uk/ on Facebook and on Twitter @MADEinEur



• Ibrahim Abdul-Matin – The esteemed author of “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet”, an environmental policy consultant and popular blogger, Brooklyn Bedouin, offering inspirational musings on environmentalism, Islam and life. ibrahimabdul-matin.com / brooklynbedouin.com and on Twitter @ibrahimSalih



• Nasheed Mohammed – the former president of the Maldives and the world’s greenest leader who presided over the underwater cabinet meeting wearing a diving suit and using hand signals to highlight the danger of global warming for the low-lying islands. He made a pledge to make the Maldives carbon-neutral in ten years and introduced reforms to switch all of the country’s energy to solar and wind power.



• Murujun Permaculture Design – A fresh, Malaysia-based collective offering courses and resources to promote permaculture (ecological design). Founded by lead designer Giovanni Galluzzo, collaborators include the renowned permaculturist Rhamis Kent, a global consultant and teacher to governments and organisations across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, fuelling ecosystem restoration. Murujan.com on Twitter @MurujanDesign and Facebook.



• Muslim Environment Watch – An intelligent blog charting environmental developments in the Arab and Muslim world by the academic and writer Dr Moshe Terdman (who also contributes to the aforementioned Green Prophet). This is a valuable resource, offering topical articles, regional news, research and links and tracking the increasing awareness of and Islamic rulings regarding sustainability issues in the region. muslimenvironment.wordpress.com



• Seyyed Hossein Nasr – An Islamic Studies professor at George Washington University and one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the world. He is considered to be the revivalist of modern Islamic environmentalism. Nasr’s work has been ahead of its time in predicting the disastrous consequences of the environmental crisis. In his books, such as The Encounter of Man and Nature: the Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man (1968) and Religion and the Order of Nature (1996), he discusses the rise of a secular notion of nature as inert matter to be conquered by modern technology and attempts to revive a sacred notion of nature.



• ROPME (Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Marine Environment) – with its headquarters in Kuwait, ROPME unites the Gulf countries in their efforts to protect the regional marine environment from all kinds of pollution and raise awareness of environmental issues. ropme.org/home.clx



• Sheikh Ali Gomaa – The retired Grand Mufti of Egypt and one of the most respected and influential Muslim scholars. He advocates solving modern environmental issues through traditional solutions found in Islam and stresses the importance of sustainability, reminding Muslims of their role as Allah’s (SWT) viceregents on Earth. He has issued many ‘green’ fatwas and wrote the book ‘The Environment and Its Protection from an Islamic Point of View’, in which he put to paper his green ideology.



• Rianne C. ten Veen – An Islam and environment specialist, Rianne was a humanitarian aid worker at Islamic Relief Worldwide for a decade before becoming the Head of Research at Osman Consulting. She is also the author of ‘199 Ways to Please God’ and is an instructor and tutor at the Open University. www.greencreation.info



• Voices for Earth Justice – An interfaith initiative for climate change campaign based in Michigan, US. Drawing from religious traditions, they advocate responsible and sustainable environmentalism, reminding all that it is a matter of justice for poor people most likely to be affected by the severe changes in climate, for future generations and for all creation. www.voices4earth.org



• Willowbrook Farm – An organic farm run by Ruby and Lutfi Radwan based in Oxfordshire, UK. The farm produces halal and tayyib meat, eggs and other natural products, but also serves as a learning centre for a sustainable natural lifestyle close to nature. The Radwans are building a cob house with the help of volunteers and source most of their electric energy from wind turbines and solar panels installed on the farm. willowbrookorganic.org



• Wisdom in Nature (WIN) – An Islamic group promoting ‘engaged surrender’ to nature within the framework of religion through moving away from any practices resulting in creating imbalance and corruption in the environment and moving towards a lifestyle that is in alignment with our natural order (fitrah) and helps restore ecological balance (mizan). They run a website with lots of useful information on Islamic ecology and permaculture. wisdominnature.org.uk and on Twitter @wisdominnature



• Wild Jordan – A branded division of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) responsible for socio-economic development, including eco-tourism. Engaged in promoting nature-based businesses to bring economic and social benefits to local communities and generate financial, political and popular support for nature conservation throughout the Kingdom of Jordan. rscn.org.jo/orgsite



• Zaytuna Farm – A permaculture demonstration site and education centre in the village of The Channon in Australia and the home of Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Run by Geoff and Nadia Abu Yahia Lawton, it promotes a permaculture approach to forestry, crop gardens, animal husbandry, general farm maintenance and water systems, as well as alternative energy systems and natural building methods. On Twitter @geofflawton_



*See Wisdom in Nature’s link page for an extensive list of environment, social justice and Islam related websites and organisations: www.wisdominnature.org.uk/Links/sites