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Window Treatments

Lail Hossain provides tips on how to successfully turn your windows into showstoppers.

Window treatments are one of the easiest ways to make a visual impact in a room, as our eyes are naturally drawn to the light from windows already. Gone are the days of heavy window coverings. Simple fabric panels that still allow light in are one of the easiest and most popular window-treatment options and add a decorative touch to a room. Having a hard time finding the perfect drapes or panels at the right price? Bed sheets, tablecloths, drop cloths and burlap are neutral and cheap and they come in a variety of dimensions to fit different window sizes. Read on for 8 easy ways to add stylish touches to your windows!




1. Curtains are exceptionally decorative and enhance a room’s architecture while making a stylish statement. For a casual and informal space, such as the kitchen, try using shorter curtains. Long curtains add height and bring drama to a room. The longer the curtains, the more dramatic and elegant the room’s design becomes. Use longer drapes in living rooms and bedrooms to add style and sophistication.




2. Organic materials bring nature indoors. Bamboo matchstick blinds and natural woven shades create an elegant yet earthy sophistication when layered with simple, sheer linen panels.  To always stay in style, use window treatments that allow a lot of natural light into the space. Brighten up the room with cheerful draperies and layers of sheer panels that add warmth to the room but let light through at the same time.




3. Draperies in jewel tones ranging from ruby reds to amethyst and turquoise, mixed with soft metallic sheer panels such as gold, platinum and brushed nickel, have made a grand appearance in the world of window treatments. The jewel and metallic tones blend beautifully. Geometric patterns are another trend that is sure to stay for a long time. Wide stripes in contrasting hues provide a more modern look to a room.




4. Personalising your curtains can add style and drama to otherwise boring panels made of bed sheets, drop cloth or burlap, even with minimal sewing skills. Add grommets for an expensive look or use decorative rings.  Feel free to give a coat of metallic spray paint to the rings for extra glamour.  Turn inexpensive fabric into gorgeous panels by adding trim to the bottom or sides.  Decorative embellishments such as ribbons, beads, shells, lace and buttons are easy ways to upgrade even regular store-bought panels.



5. Using fabric paint, add geometric shapes, bold stripes or a floral pattern, freehand or with the help of a stencil.  Random patterns on the panels will give a traditional look while streamlined patterns in a line will provide a more modern look.




6. Branches make for excellent, sculptural drapery rods with a few simple updates. Select a branch with the proper length and width to fit above a window and that can handle the weight of the chosen drapery panel. Then, cut it to size and spray paint. Make sure the colour you choose contrasts well with the wall.  Secure the branch with screws, drapery rod brackets or L-brackets.  Golf clubs and hockey sticks are also good options for drapery rods.   A strong nautical rope or a braided one is an excellent alternative to store-bought drapery rods.




7. Curtains can be pulled back with ties, pinned apart or simply allowed to hang freely.  Decorative tiebacks from the store are great, but you can also create your own. Add a little extra personalisation with something that speaks to you – shells from a beach vacation, a family heirloom, a vintage doorknob or something that is just sitting around the home.  Ribbons, bandanas, lace handkerchiefs or three pieces of rope braided together make sturdy tiebacks. Use one or more tones or colours, but be sure to secure the ends with hot glue. Neckties too can be repurposed as stylish curtain tiebacks. Use bracelets and cuffs by placing them around drapery panels. Let the panels hang freely or create a more permanent look by attaching the bracelets to the wall with Velcro.  An old leather belt can also be turned into a stylish and preppy tieback. Wrap the belt around the gathered drapery panel and secure the belt to the wall.




8. A great option for those tiny rooms that feel too small for curtains is window film. There are hundreds of designs available to choose from that are not hard on the wallet. A top treatment such as a valance can make a room open and inviting also.




Whether you are trying to add more privacy, shade or insulation or to enhance the elegance of a room by adding a pop of colour, there is a fresh window treatment option out there for you!




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